Design the Workplace for Productivity

People working at busy modern officeBoost productivity by designing a comfortable, pleasant office that your employees love.

Although looks aren’t everything, humans are visual creatures. So to that end, what does your workplace look like? Do you feel happy when you look around? Or do you feel depressed every time you step into the office?

These are important questions to ask, but few companies bother. Most managers assume that a good employee can do the same good work anywhere.

But this kind of thinking is seriously misguided. After all, just think how much more inspired you’d feel at an office with large windows and great views  than in an office cubicle, with its dark, oppressive barriers.

But unfortunately, too many offices are negligent on this point, settling for drab, badly designed spaces that depress workers and damage productivity.

However, there are a few easy guidelines you can follow to improve your office space for the benefit of your employees.

First, allow human evolution to guide your design process. So for instance, today we don’t like exposing our backs because the same position would have left our distant ancestors vulnerable to a predator attack. Therefore, to make your staff more comfortable, don’t make them sit with the back of their chairs facing the open room.

Also, humans have an deep-seated love of nature, so make sure your office has lots of windows and that your staff can see outside.

It’s also worth noting that no matter how well you design your office, the best way to make your staff comfortable is by letting them choose their own workplace. Optimally, employees should have a choice of working in three different rooms, as well as the option to work from home. In other words, create lots of alternatives and cede control to your employees.

After all, creating a comfortable, pleasant environment will boost workplace productivity – so do your best to create an office people love.

Friendship Creates High-Performing Teams

Group of friends enjoying in cafe

Cultivating friendship in the workplace is a powerful way to motivate your employees.

Although it’s common knowledge that effective teamwork is an essential component of any company’s success, many managers mistakenly believe that friendship isn’t necessarily conducive to this kind of collaboration. But in fact, truly high-performing teams are made up of friends, not mere acquaintances.

And there are many reasons that’s true. Friends are far less likely to let each other down, which means they support each other and deliver on their promises. From a business perspective, that means friendship-centric teams are less likely to fail.

Friendship also negates loneliness. This is not a trivial point, as loneliness can have devastating effects on your body and your work. But unfortunately, loneliness is too common in many offices when employees feel alienated from their colleagues – the emotional equivalent of working in a cubicle. It does not promote happiness and productivity among staff.

So what can you do to mitigate the negative effects of loneliness and cultivate friendship among your employees? Well, it helps to understand how people become friends in the first place, and that is through physical proximity, familiarity and by reaffirming similarity. In other words, people become friends when they work together on the same tasks again and again.

You can make sure your workplace is conducive to this process by eliminating cubicles and any other barriers. Additionally, you can organize group activities like obstacle races or running competitions. Physical activities like these promote friendship by producing a rush of adrenaline, a powerful hormone that makes it easier to connect with those around you.

Ultimately, an environment that supports friendship will help generate a communal feeling of pride in the organization itself. And when your team is proud of the work they do, they’ll be motivated to produce better work.

Written by John Krumbach

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Use Positive Emotions to Increase Productivity

profit design

Try to recall a childhood experience you loved wholeheartedly. Maybe it was a holiday at the beach, maybe it was a sporting event. Whatever it was, you probably get a warm feeling when you remember it. And it probably makes you feel more energetic.

Well, companies should promote these kinds of positive emotions in their staff, as that will lead to increased productivity. There are many ways to do this: You can hold office events during holidays like Easter or Halloween, or you can organize sports teams and book clubs.

These events needn’t be costly or grandiose. In fact, instead of focusing on extravagance, simply focus on frequency. That way, you can provide staff with many positive emotions and memories, large or small – ultimately creating a positive environment.

Think it’s impossible to create a pleasant atmosphere at a boring old office? Well, think again: Any environment can be a positive one with just a few simple tweaks.

For example, casinos are depressing because they aim to enable patrons to lose as much money as possible. However, if you swap out money for valueless plastic chips and offer free drinks, a casino becomes a fun, pleasant place.

Of course, people can’t be happy all the time, because we all have a dark side. But that’s not a bad thing – embrace it!

Think about it like this: When positive emotions are overly emphasized and negative emotions are disregarded, people stop thinking critically and become less receptive to substantive feedback. As a result, the whole company becomes more error-prone.

It’s also worth noting that not every department requires the same level of positivity to promote good results. Because although an uplifting atmosphere benefits salespeople – who need positive energy to build successful relationships with clients – it would not necessarily benefit accountants, who need to be more meticulous with their work.

Written by John Krumbach

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3 Principles For Massive Success


In order to reach successes, go by the following principles:

Exceed the line of super-credibility

When you surround yourself with successful people, you get to borrow their credibility. Others will take you seriously and won’t question you because you are above the line of super-credibility. Even when we doubt ourselves, sometimes we take ease in knowing that others believe in us more than we do.

When you are under the line of credibility, people dismiss you immediately and don’t take you seriously. Above the line of credibility, you are given a chance to prove yourself, and your words are believed without a shadow of a doubt.

Set yourself up to succeed

Act always toward success, in your mind and in practical terms. Focus intensively on a solution instead of fixating on obstacles.   Picture your end goal and act upon it, visualize success every time an obstacle presents – it will provide you with the vision on which resources to use and how to overcome any obstacle, it will provide you with strength and the will to reach your goals, it will provide you solutions to reach your aspirations. Whatever you seek is also seeking you.

When in doubt THINK

Don’t give up when people throw obstacles in your path because they don’t believe your vision is possible. Devise creative ways to find solutions, and find the people who share your vision and are exited to help you achieve it.

Written by Jonathan Mansilla

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