4 Surefire Ways to Create a Great Company Culture

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In order to run a successful business, it is important that your employees are given a positive environment to work in. Instead of hiring someone to fix the culture in the business, influence it yourself. Here are four ways to do just that:

  1. Have a people-centered point of view when it comes to the workplace

A spectacular thing happens when bosses treat their employees with empathy and understanding; they feel respected and appreciated, which in turn improves their work performance. Keep in mind that the people you hire have lives as complicated and vivid as your own. Treating them as such will foster a caring environment in which everyone feels content to be in.

2. Use the company’s mission statement as an outline for your own personal goals

By integrating the company’s values with your own personal ones, the work you do will feel twice as important and relevant to you. Making your own work important will boost your motivation and help you feel more accomplished.

3. Participate in projects that you can excel at and grow from

By putting yourself into your best possible work – the work you love that excites you – you will challenge yourself and grow from the experience. Others will see you achieving this, and that can inspire them to follow your way of working.

4. Help others to find the work that challenges and fulfills them

This ties closely to #3. Once you find your area of work that helps you reach peak performance, pay attention to your co workers or employees when they reach this level of engagement as well. Observe what makes them excited to work, and try to provide them with as many ways to engage in the work that motivates them in this way.

Creating an amazing company culture will optimize the work being done, resulting in better results and improvements. Try this with your company, and spot the differences you make in the little time it takes to follow the steps above.

Written by Jonathan Mansilla  


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The Secret to Improving Your Workplace

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Create an environment of trust by being a good listener and setting a good example.

No matter how decisive and visionary you are as a leader, you also need to be a good communicator if you want to carry out your plans and ensure that your workplace operates smoothly.

So how do you ensure that you’re a good communicator? The key is to listen and be no-judgmental.

And when it comes to listening, you need to be an active listener, which is all about showing the other person that you’re listening carefully, in order to build trust. To achieve this, maintain direct eye contact and make sure that your body language shows that you’re paying attention. Also, make sure you only speak half as much as the other person.

And to stay non-judgmental, keep your emotions in check. That way, any feedback you give won’t be taken personally.

Being an active, non-judgmental listener is an important part of being an effective leader, but it’s not the only thing: You also have to set a good example for your employees.

After all, people naturally mimic their superiors. When we see success in other people, we automatically try to emulate it in order to become more successful ourselves.

In other words, the way you conduct yourself as a leader will trickle down to employees. And in fact, studies have shown that CEOs who are naturally warm lead more cohesive teams; similarly, curious-minded CEOs tend to have flexible and risk-tolerant teams.

This means you should take steps to ensure that you’re promoting good behaviour. For example, behave calmly and never get angry, even when confronted with frustrating challenges. This will create an environment of trust, leading to a calm and happy staff.

Written by John Krumbach 


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