If you ask them… they will come.


Just like in the Field of Dreams movie; if you build your dreams, they will come to you. Your determination will attract the people and resources you need to make them happen. But first, you need to be clear about what you want.

Life is a team sport. There is great power in working with other people, and asking for their help when you need it.
The following tips can help you get what you need, while giving you the chance to give value to your life and everyone around you in return.


Tip #1:  Be specific.
Both to yourself and to somebody else, you need to be thoroughly descriptive when asking. What, how much, by when? You have to convey precisely what it is that you need, why you need it, and what results you’d expect from it.


Tip #2: Look where you could find.
If you fancy an apple, go find an apple tree –or at least, a greengrocery where they sell them.
Sometimes, asking is not enough; you must ask someone who can actually help you. Success leaves clues; whatever you’re going after, someone else has already achieved it.
Follow the dots and you’ll succeed in it too.


Tip #3: Multiply your force with conviction.
If you’re not convinced about what you’re asking for, how can anyone else be? You have to express your conviction through your words and your whole physiology. You need to convey such a spread of enthusiasm that no one can resist your charm.


Tip #4: Ask, ask, and ask, until you get it.
It doesn’t mean you have to knock on the same door the same way. You need to be flexible; like they say in the Marines, you adapt, improvise, and overcome.

Even in the face of failure; keep asking, keep trying, and changing your approach until you get what you’re asking for.


See you next week.
Stay strong!