Use Fear to Fuel Your Success #2


Fear is the brains’ way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome.
-Rachel Huber

Fear is just excitement in disguise

That’s right; if we look right into it, we’d see that fear is nothing but excitement in a dire need of an attitude adjustment.

Using skydiving as an example, no one can deny that the idea of jumping off a perfectly good airplane in mid-air is close to madness; but many of us really enjoy doing it. It actually can evoke two completely different reactions in people.

Some of them would be thrilled and excited about the idea of “flying like a bird”, feeling the wind in the face and they would relate it to the most absolute freedom.
Some others would be terrified and had to be practically forced off the airplane. They actually feel they are “falling like a stone” at more than 100 mph; they are paralyzed thinking of the way they’d smash against the ground in the end.

The difference between the two types is that the first actually embrace the adventurous nature we all have; a nature that, when embraced, gives us incredible experiences.
For the other type, the idea of doing something outside of their comfort zone feels them with inconceivable terror.

In short, whether we experience fear or excitement, it’s really up to the lens we choose to look through at the experience ahead of us.
And if we think about it, it’s really our choice.

Have you noticed that young children are very resilient to the fear of the unknown?
Most young kids are most daring and fearless than we are as adults. As we move through life, we create layer upon layer of fear and self-doubt in our subconscious mind. Our adult “lenses” we use to see through life are clouded with lack of confidence and negativity.
All we need to do is to clean our lenses and choose what to focus on more wisely; pick excitement instead of fear, practice constantly this new behavior until we master it.

Next week we’ll talk about a way of using fears to energize us instead of paralyzing us.


Until then, stay strong!

Use Fear to Fuel Your Success


Do one thing every day that scares you.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Fear is a common denominator in our lives. It is a current of thought energy that, if allowed, can keep us imprisoned in a useless place of comfort and predictability.

Using fear as a point of reference, we could say there are two types of people:

Type One are those who are controlled and consumed by their fears.

Type Two are those who choose to embrace them, make friends with them and harness their energy to fuel their dreams.


The difference between them is that Type One will surely live an incomplete life of guilt and unhappiness, while Type Two will most likely come out the other side stronger, smarter, wiser and on their way to success.

We all experience fear. It can paralyze us or bring the best out of us, and we’re not talking about danger here; danger is very real, while fear is only the product of our interpretation of certain event in our lives.

It is said that the word FEAR stands for Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real (it’s also said that it stands for F*** Everything And Run, but let’s stick to the first one); whatever you may call it, you can use it to remember what’s important to us, and fuel your success.

For the following 3 articles, we’ll be covering three practical ways to look at fear:

  1. Fear is excitement in disguise
  2. It shouldn’t paralyze you but energize you
  3. It is a great motivator for personal growth


Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt again, you gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this. I can take the next thing that comes along…

Looking forward to our next delivery.
In the meantime, stay strong!

Count Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses


If you replace a lack of ability in any area of your life with perseverance, you will be able to achieve any goal you set your mind to.

When a critical situation confronts you, some people tend to think about what they can’t do, others think about what they can.  The difference between the two is a game changer. If you waste your time and energy over-analyzing the difficulty of the situation, you lose the mind state you need to overcome it.

Get into the habit of affirmative action; this is the best way to increase your mental strength. The more you use your strength, the more and faster you boost and motivate your progress.


Keeping your eyes on the big picture

No matter how high your goal is, set it even higher.

Sometimes when we set our goals, we do it based on our beliefs about ourselves and the world in general, on what is or isn’t possible… but that’s just our present beliefs, not reality. If you leave it at that, complain about it and quit, you will never have the experience of self-improvement and growth that comes only by pursuing something on your own…

It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect or you don’t feel quite ready; just get up and get started. Take that first step; you will get momentum to keep moving forward and your improved focus on the goal will keep you going through all obstacles.

Find the right strategy, get the right motivation, and you will find your way all the time.

There is nothing you cannot be, or have, or become.
It’s all about your state, your reasons why, your discipline and determination.


Stay strong!

The Obstacle Actually Is the Way



In our previous article, we talked about the idea of transforming our obstacles into opportunities, keep on moving and challenge that obstacle.

That concept can be enhanced by a change in our mindset, so we stop seeing them as a block in our path, and start seeing them as the path itself.


Obstacles do not block our path, they are our path.

Sometimes, we may get intimidated by an obstacle when we give too much attention to it and start questioning our ability to overcome it. If we instead take a more aggressive stand and attack the problem with determination, we will overcome it.

There will be sometimes when there’s nothing we can do about a certain situation, but we will always have control over our attitude, our response; and our emotional, mental and physiologic state.

We got to develop an unwavering belief in ourselves through the constant practice of discipline; that’s the only way to win. Whenever we find a struggle in our lives, we need to focus on the belief that the very process of going through it will provide its resolution. This certainty will help us deal with the situation without the worry, and will keep us moving forward.


Change Your Perception of Obstacles.

Obstacles only appear when we take our focus off our objective.

To turn your obstacles into opportunities, the first thing you need to do is perceive them as merely a detour. Your goal is achievable, and unless your mind thought so, you wouldn’t have started working on it in the first place. Without obstacles, achieving anything would be easy, and without the struggle, there is no point fighting for something you are aiming for. Instead of trying to fight it, try different methods of dealing with it. No matter how intimidating it may seem, there will always be a way around it. Try a different approach, and you can win.

When we take our attention from our goals, from our dreams, and from the emotions we’ll get when we get there –which is what we’re ultimately after; we get to believe that anything that isn’t a straight line, even the slightest deviation, is an obstacle.

We need to learn to see opportunities there; perceive them as what they really are: a detour.
Every goal we put our mind to is achievable unless we think otherwise. What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve; especially when it’s powered by a disciplined heart.

And besides, if there were no obstacles, there would be no effort; and without that effort, there would be no growth… it’s just like our muscles,  no matter how many repetitions we’ve set for ourselves, the only ones that count are those that hurt; that’s how you get growth… moving beyond that comfort zone.

It’s all about growth; no matter what we achieve in life, the ultimate goal is not what we get from it, but who we become in the process.


Take everything head-on; no matter how scary it may seem at the beginning… there will always be a way around trouble.

Keep adapting, keep improvising, and you will overcome everything.

Stay strong!