Living Your Life Purpose


Our lives are at its most productive peak when we have a true sense of direction. They are also much easier and enjoyable to navigate once we got to understand our destination –that is, once you know the purpose of your existence.

One of the most important things you in life is to figure out –the sooner the better- why you’re here for; what is your purpose, your core values, and then, figure out what are the goals that would help you move towards it.


Take some time to reflect about where you are in life now, and then decide where you would like to take your life from there.

When you know where you’re headed, it’s easier to determine which actions and behaviors contribute to achieving this destination, and which ones are just deviating or holding you back.

Below is a list of questions, designed to help you discover your life purpose.


  1. What are three of your favorite skills?

Give it a though right now… try to determine what are the two or three abilities you have that are your favorite; not which you are best at, or most profitable, but honestly which are the ones you enjoy doing the most.

  1. What are two ways you would like to use to make an impact in the world?

How would you like to make a difference? Which are the ways you’d go about it? Don’t think too hard; just follow your intuition and write down whatever pops into your mind…

  1. Who or what would you like to impact?

Now it’s time to be specific; narrow down our target and start defining the people or things you want to help. Give it a thought; see what things come to mind first and write them down.

  1. What goal do you think your impact would achieve?

Think about the people or things you have in mind… what good would your actions do to them? What outcome do you desire for those peoples or circumstances? 

  1. Create now a run-on sentence, combining all these previous elements, starting with “my purpose is to”.

It’s time to put things together. The previous questions contain in them the combined elements of your life purpose.

Shuffle the answers around and find a combination that makes real sense to you.


Have in mind that your life purpose is something you continuously keep discovering, watching it as it unfolds before you.
Like a big dinosaur skeleton, it lies buried somewhere; it is your job to find it and dig it up; a little or a big piece at the time.


Start digging and follow its clues.

Tap into Your Resilience and Thrive


by John Krumbach

Resilience comes from knowing that you are the only one that has the power and responsibility to pick yourself up


One of the main strategies to achieve success in life is related to your ability to tap into your resilience.

We all want to live at our full potential in order to accomplish our goals, dreams, and aspirations. One of the things we have learned in life is that we need to have the drive – drive, ambition, motivation – to reach those goals and dreams.

We are constantly trying to do more and better in our profession, our finances, family life, personal life.


Having drive is a positive thing. The problem is that in today’s world many are living in over-drive – studies have shown that 2 out of 3 people live their lives with high levels of stress. Stress can be positive only if it’s short-term stress, high-stress levels are completely negative.

Over-drive ironically backfires and prevents us from achieving the goals we aim for.

There is a better way: fostering resilience.


Instead of living in overdrive, train your nervous system to bounce back from setbacks. Resilience will allow you to control the moment, bounce back from stress –  empowering you to face difficulties and challenges with ease.

How quickly do you bounce back from frustrations, stress, disagreements? – five minutes, an hour, a day, a week?


Train yourself (your brain / your mind and your body) to bounce back by avoiding over-drive and taking the appropriate moments to relax and enjoy the moment.

Use Openness to Build Effective, Stronger Teams


The key to building stronger teams is to, first and foremost, build stronger relationships and connection between the people on them. Learn about each other and build a deep and authentic relationship that will help the team navigate challenges together.

More and more people from schools, companies and all kinds of organizations are starting to use this approach. It might seem a little touchy-feely at times, but through time and experience, even the most skeptical person turns around and loves it.

These are some examples of exercises you can implement within your organization:


  1. Lifelines

Ask everyone to describe a few key moments or events in their lives that have made them who they are today. This task helps break the barriers between them and allows them to gain a deeper understanding of one another. The confidential nature of these exchanges helps them build enormous trust.


  1. Storytelling

Building upon the previous exercise, this one encourages all teammates to open up and tell a significant story about themselves, and it helps them appreciate the courage of those eager to share so much; and this exposure makes everyone more willing to open up as well.


  1. Appreciations

One of the most effective methods to build trust within a team is appreciation. At the end of a sprint, or a project, ask your group to share things they appreciate about each other; go at it in turns, letting everybody chime in with reasons why they appreciate that person. It might be awkward to be so openly appreciated, but it is extremely moving. We rarely take the time to tell people around us why we appreciate and admire them, and when we do, it is surprisingly great.


All these kinds of activities build deeper and meaningful relations among colleagues, helping them work more effectively together. It can also help with conflict resolution, since the stronger the foundational relationship between two people, the easier these conflicts are resolved or avoided in all.

If you get your team to know each other, everything after that just comes more easily.

Put these techniques in practice and see how it turns out.


Enjoy your long weekend, and have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.