Self-Confidence, the shortcut to Your Dream Life


Everything that you have in your life is the result of your beliefs, in yourself and in what is possible.

Learning to believe in yourself will open up countless possibilities in your life. Although this is not an easy task, since we’ve been conditioned from our childhood to doubt ourselves, we must learn to get rid of our fears and self-doubt to rebuild our self-esteem and self-confidence.

These are four important steps to learn how to achieve it. If you practice them consistently and relentlessly, you’ll be amazed at the results.


  1. Everything you want is possible.

It is your choice whether or not to believe that what you want is possible.

We used to believe that humans responded to information coming into the brain from the outside, but now we know that instead, we tend to respond to what the brain expects to happen next, based on previous experiences.

Our brain is a complex and powerful instrument. Whatever you expect, it will work to obtain it. It can deliver everything you believe in through the power of expectation; that’s why it is very important to always hold a positive expectation instead of rehearsing for the things we don’t want to happen.


  1. See what you want, get what you see

When you add a visualization practice to your daily routine, you’ll naturally become more inspired to work on your goals. You’ll surprise yourself by spontaneously doing things that move you closer to your ideal life. You’ll take on more responsibilities, ask more directly, and taking risks; thus experiencing bigger pay-offs.

One of the most common and effective ways to work with visualization is with an inspirational Vision Board –a graphic representation of what you want in life. When you look at it every day, you start to shift your focus towards your dreams.


  1. Act as if. Who do you want to be?

The best way to establish a successful mindset is to act as if you’ve already become the kind of person you want to be.

Imagine you’ve already achieved your dream.
What kind of person would you be? What kind of people would surround you? How would you dress? How would you act, and treat others? What kind of growth and contribution would you be experiencing consistently?

Whatever actions you’d identify with, don’t wait; start taking them now.
By acting this way, you’ll become the kind of person who is capable of creating the successful life that you want, and it will trigger your subconscious mind to find creative ways to achieve the required goals.


  1. Take action, move towards your goals!

Believe it or not, this is where most people get stuck. They all get the principles, they set their goals, say their affirmations, and do their visualizations; but they never get results because they fail to take action on them.

The final and most important step of all is to take action. It’s ok to feel the fear and do it anyway, because that’s where the life of our dreams lay, right across the walls of fear.


So, be strong, take action, climb up that wall, and run towards your dreams!

Master Your Psychology and Stop Living in Fear


Fear can be useful and it has its place in our healthy behavior; but if you let it, it can keep us locked up inside what is comfortable or predictable –a cage, which is where most of us are living these days.

Living in the seemingly ‘safe’ state which fear always tends to take us to, makes us feel unfulfilled with the status quo in the end, yet afraid of going after anything different, which most of the time would be something better.

If you want to stop living in fear, you must understand how it works so you can actively fight against it.
Fear is a normal emotion that warns us against potential threats to our safety, but nowadays, in our mostly cosmetic and safeguarded society, it may have become a chronic or hypersensitive response.

You can blame it on the media, a specific situation, caffeine excess; yet blaming has never helped anyone solve their problems.

It is time to OWN YOUR EMOTIONS and transform your life.

Where’s this fear coming from?

When we’re living in a constant state of fear, our anxieties are running the show; we’re constantly worrying without much mindfulness as to what’s causing it. You have to identify what is causing our distress.

Try brainstorming a list of all your tangible concerns (your kids could get hurt, fear of death, etc.) and another of those not that tangible (economic collapse, etc.) and then write a few actions you can take to prevent them from happening. That will give you a sense of control to start with.

Realize that life happens FOR you, not to you.

Understanding and accepting this notion is the first step to fulfillment, and it will put an end to the blaming game and let you start taking charge of your destiny.
Then, endless possibilities will open up to you.

Enough with the excuses

Same as blame, excuses are a lame defense mechanism we use to avoid taking responsibility from our problems and our life in general, and they tend to push our hopes, desires and dreams aside. Excuses are comforting when we’re living in fear, they are safe; but they also bring you back to that starting point where everything is old, done, achieved. There are no challenges there, no growth.
Next time some excuse comes floating into your mind, ask yourself: are you where you want to be in life? Or are you falling back on fear and choosing comfort instead of facing your challenges?

Focus on Growth

We tend to give up because we don’t believe we can achieve our goals, that they’re beyond our capabilities. You must know that your abilities are not fixed, they’re flexible, and just as with muscles, they grow stronger with practice and repetition, and by taking more than they can handle at the time.
It’s like the Crocodile Dundee actor said once: “the secret of my success is that I bite more than I can chew, and then chew as fast as I can”.
Find new ways to adapt, and work hard to overcome whatever life puts in your way.

Everything is a learning experience

Everybody come across difficulties from time to time. The most painful experiences are those which help us redefine what you want and don’t want in life.
Failure, disappointment, roadblocks; they can all be used as a reflecting tool to learn more about yourself and what you want out of your life.

Next time you’re facing a painful experience and you’re ready to give up, take a moment and decide that your dreams are more important than your fear.

Make that decision today and master your fears, start living as the most joyful, successful version of yourself.

Stay strong!

YOU can create your reality.


I know it’s hard to see and appreciate this fact, especially these days when we all feel like everything we know is spinning out of our control.

You may feel powerless to control what’s happening to you and all around you; anxious about your financial situation, your job, your health, family, relationships, and loved ones.

We’re all dealing with a lot for sure.

But especially now, it’s important that you get to choose how you’re going to show up.

You get to choose… Hope or despair, action or collapse, bravery shaping your future, or fear paralyzing you.

You will attract into your life whatever you focus on; whatever you give your attention and energy to, will come back to you.


This is how things work. Like attracts like. You may believe it or not, but it wouldn’t matter (the same way it wouldn’t matter whether or not you believe in the law of gravity; if you take a step off a ledge, you’re going to fall).

If you are feeling anxious, stressed out, angry or afraid, you’re sending out that negative energy and it will come back to you.

On the other hand, if you are feeling excited, enthusiastic, passionate, hopeful, joyful, you name it… then you’re sending out positive energy, and it will also come back to you.

The universe will respond to both of these vibrations. It doesn’t decide or evaluate which one is better for you, it just responds to whatever you’re creating and sending out, and it gives you more of the same… you always get what you give.

Your thoughts have a specific vibration that will attract whatever vibrates in the same frequency.

Whatever you’re thinking and feeling at any given time is your undeniable request to the universe, and it will respond every time; no exceptions.

If you want to take control of your life, you need to make sure that your thoughts and feelings are aligned with those of the things and experiences you want to have.

If joy and happiness are what you want to attract, then you need to start having thoughts and feelings of joy and happiness now so, just like a radio, your frequency is in tune to receive them.

Once you understand and accept how this works, you will start to consciously and intentionally create a better life.


So, what’s it going to be?

Life has just presented you with a unique opportunity to start showing up as the best version of yourself, and develop the skills you need to come through this current challenging experience more resilient, more capable, and more focused on achieving success than ever before!

Will you rise to meet the challenge?


See you next week.
Stay strong!



Fear is Contagious, but so is Calm


Can you keep cool when everything around you is in turmoil?

Have you been so afraid you couldn’t think or move? Have you ever felt irrational fear or panic?

Extreme fear makes us freeze both our minds and our bodies; and it makes us lose control over our emotions. When this fear extends over time, it makes simple, everyday tasks feel like an impossible goal.


Learning how to get rid of anxiety is essential to living a normal life so we’re not tied down by hesitation and distress.

We have things to take care of, goals and dreams; and it’s likely we have people who depend on us too, whether it is because we’re parents, teachers, community or business leaders, people will look up to us and mimic our behavior. If we’re doing it right, they are going to do it right as well, or even better. But if we’re doing it wrong, they are going to tank. Guaranteed.

Fear is a contagious emotion; I we have it, suddenly everyone around us will have it as well. we can’t just run around running like a chicken with its head cut off, screaming at people or pulling our hairs like mad men; no one can perform like this.


Fear is contagious, but so is calm. If we keep your head, others around us are going to keep theirs too.

This is a great gift, particularly for a leader. We might be churning under the water, but on the surface, we got that calm for others to see and imitate; and guess what? After a time, it also gets to us! We also get infected by it.


We can get rid of that fear and anxiety.

This type of fear we’re all experiencing these days is just another way we make meaning of the world around us. When we’re in a dangerous or stressful situation, fear and anxiety are extremely useful emotions; they heighten our senses and prepare us for “fight or flight”. But if we’re just living our day-to-day lives, these emotions are not so helpful.

Everyone deals with fear differently. You may never get rid of fear entirely, but you can learn how to handle anxiety so it doesn’t control our lives; we can feel the fear and do things anyway.


So, how can we do it?

We can change our physical state, changing our focus, the way we move, the scenery and getting our heart rate up with some kind of exercise can often be enough to give us the clarity we need.

Create and maintain healthy habits. Our minds and physical bodies are deeply connected. We need to cut out bad habits that only mask the real causes of our anxiety.

Learn relaxation techniques. Meditation is proven to reduce anxiety, depression and even physical pain. It trains your brain to live in the moment, letting go of the past and not worrying about the future.

Finally, learn how to leverage our fear. One of the best ways to defeat anxiety is to understand how to leverage fear. Successful people are also afraid, only they are more afraid of what they’d miss if they don’t do whatever it takes in order to live a rich, fulfilling life. Instead of being crippled by fear and anxiety, they use it to fuel their actions further toward the achievement of their goals.


Think about that.
Stay safe, stay strong.

Tapping into an Exciting, Purpose-driven Sense of Confidence


Have you ever had one of those days in which you practically jumped out of bed in a great mood and the entire day went down just like you wanted it?

Have you ever experienced just the opposite?


The way you feel is the direct result of your state of mind.

If you are always stressed and worried, you will live in a depressed state, feeling like you can’t get do anything right, like your whole life is going downhill; and your confidence will take a hit.

On the other hand, if you’re consistently in a state of gratitude, love, and joy, you are going to be living in an amazing, upbeat state in which nothing gets you out of your game. You will move through your day with purpose and enthusiasm, building your self-confidence as you go along.


Now, how do we reach or create these very different states?

By acknowledging your emotions.

If you let them control your feelings without you knowing why you are feeling that particular way, they will end up controlling your actions.

This can eventually become a habit that can affect you every day.

When you’re driven by a sense of well-being, you’ll radiate happiness and confidence; but when you’re obstructed by negativity, those around you will sense it and react accordingly.

So, how can you avoid it?

First, by recognizing that you are in control of how you feel, including confidence. Confidence is not something you’re born with and just have; it’s something you build over time and work. It’s the feeling of certainty that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. It’s like any other emotion, it’s a way of feeling you can train yourself into at any time.


What is your purpose?

Why is confidence important to you? Do you interact with a huge number of people? Are you a manager or a CEO and need to present a strong sense of leadership? Perhaps to make a good first impression in a relationship?

Whatever it may be, you need to know exactly why you want to achieve it. Once you know it, it’s just a matter of retraining your brain to present yourself as a confident person. Disregard the negative thoughts, uncertainty, hesitance, and second-guessing that held you back before, that would only lead you to doubt and fear. Your mind and body will begin a positive feedback loop; they will take the hint and would stand straighter, stop fidgeting, and present the best version of yourself.


What turns you on?

There’s a way to help you figure out how to build confidence even when you’re at your lowest point ever: think about something in you or those around you that you’re grateful and proud of.
Remember a recent accomplishment, something you did at work that turned out incredible, or helping a family member or a friend…

Whatever it is, it’s something you get done, no one else. That’s worth celebrating.

Recognizing this accomplishment and your ability to reproduce it will instantly raise your mood and allow you to create some incredible levels of confidence.

With this, you’re retraining your mind to think in positive terms instead of negative ones…. ‘If I did all that, what can hold me back from achieving this new goal?’

Evoking moments of pride will help you to see the big picture more clearly, and as you practice tapping into it more often, you’ll start believing in your own abilities, and will be able to access those feelings of well-being and pride any time at will.


You’re in charge of your emotions, and you can use them to shape your life in any way you choose to.



Stay strong!






Get Your Mind Out of its Own Barricade


If you count yourself as a regular human being these days, the odds are you’ve been through a mental block from time to time. You might feel stuck in an unwanted job, an unfulfilled relationship, or a general discontent with daily life.

Having your mind trapped in its own barricade is a very frustrating experience, and it can impact all aspects of your life if allowed to continue over time.

There are many causes for this kind of mental block, overanalyzing everything, overloading yourself with too many responsibilities, just to name some common few.

In order to overcome that kind of stalled mindset, you first need to understand what a mental block is.


What is a mental block?

It could be defined as a range of experiences related to feeling obstructed to perform mental processes. You may have heard of it also in terms like “brain fog”, writer’s block”, or “stumbling block”; but they all refer to the same state: inability to concentrate, think or reason clearly, resulting in a lack of drive.

No matter how it is described, if you don’t learn how to get over it, it can derail your productivity and feeling of contentment with life.


How to get over it?

The most effective strategies to get rid of mental blocks work on the root of what keeps people stuck:


Re-take control of your state

In order to regain momentum, get your mind and your body back in harmony and reach your peak state. Sometimes, a little physical activity is all it takes to break a mental block.

Remember, your “state” is nothing more than the framework you operate out in life. Use it to your advantage.


Bring your focus back to the present

It’s all about mind over matter.

If you’re experiencing a mental block, chances are you’re focusing your attention on the past or the future, riddling yourself with guilt or concerns for things to come.

Take a few minutes to sit and think about the present moment. Use your breathing as a focal point until your mind starts to calm down. From that peaceful state, you’ll be able to think more clearly and get into a problem-solving state more easily.



Sometimes, as unlikely as it might sound, the more frustrated you feel, the closer a breakthrough is.

You may feel a general discontent in life like your crap-filter is full and you can’t take any more of it; something’s gotta give.

Know that those feelings are normal as you grow and evolve to overcome obstacles in your life.

They are there to let you know that your breakthrough is right around the corner!


The Honour and Privilege of Serving our Community


At ISU Corp, we want to share with you that it has been and will continue to be both an honour, and a privilege to have had the opportunity to serve our community and its various charitable activities for over 10 years now; it’s amazing the progress we’ve witnessed during that time.

Through the combined effort of volunteer and civic groups, and many active business leaders we’ve been able to inspire in others –and constantly in ourselves as well!– a sense of awareness and a strong commitment to making a difference; and the results we see are incredible.

We truly enjoy being part of all this transformation and growth, and we want to thank all of those who have made it possible:

Thank you with all our hearts; you are among the greatest rewards of our work.


Would you like to watch the video presentation?

Turn Your Beliefs into Rocket Fuel


Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.
– Henry Ford

As Ford so correctly stated, your beliefs can limit or boost your potential. Whether you start off with “I don’t think I could do that”, or with “If it can be done, then I can do it”, that’s your choice; but it will impact directly in your potential, and consequently, in your results.

There is a cyclic relationship between beliefs, potential, action, and results.

Your beliefs control the way you tap into your potential; this potential will determine the intensity of your actions, your actions then will determine your results, and those results will add to your beliefs.

No matter the task at hand, you get what you expect.
Success breeds success, and failure breeds more failure.

If you expect failure, you limit yourself and what you can do right from the start, you’re telling your brain to expect failure, thus signaling your nervous system to respond in a certain way; you limit your potential by limiting your capability to take action – you won’t try hard enough…

You might say “I’ll try, but I don’t think it’s going to work”…
Forget about that, the “I’ll try” It’s the battle cry of the wimp.

Your actions will be uncertain, weak, incongruent, and hesitant, thus limiting your beliefs even more.

You limit your frame of reference, and you limit your ability to learn and grow and to realize your full potential.

It’s a classic downward spiral.


The opposite is also true. You can start with great expectations so w you e can amplify our ability to create great results; so instead of limiting yourself, you empower yourself.

When you believe with every beat of our heart that you will succeed, you tap into a good deal of potential, so you’re excited, energized, you’re full of high expectations; so your actions and results will be great too. Each success creates more belief and momentum to succeed on a greater scale each turn of the cycle!


That doesn’t mean you won’t screw up from time to time, but if you can learn to bounce back up every time, you would become more resourceful, and you will rig the game in our favor.

If you can maintain empowering belief systems no matter what, you will keep coming back with enough action and resourcefulness, eventually, you will succeed.


What is one challenge in your life where, if you chose to adopt a new belief about it, you could dramatically change your results?

Think about it…



Stay strong.





The Fascinating Power of Self-Confidence


Let’s talk about confidence.

Not as a memory of what it once used to be, but its current state. Let’s talk straight about it, objectively…

When was the last time you literally jumped out of bed in an exciting mood and made even Mondays tremble before your will power?

Now, think about the opposite; how about those times when you need to be splashed with a bucket of cold water to get you out of bed?


The way you feel on any given day is the direct result of your physiological state, your mental state, and even your emotional state.

When you recreate your stress and anxiety, you perpetuate a life of depression, so you end up believing that, no matter what you do, everything is going bad; and that whatever you might do, you will doing it wrong.

Your confidence will take a big hit, and with it, your Success/Doom cycle gets influenced.


Let me explain:

Every time you undertake any task in life, you go through a cycle in which you first tap into your Potential. Such Potential is limitless, but it gets easily influenced by our Beliefs; if you don’t believe something is going to work –let’s say you had a poor previous experience, how much of that Potential do you think you are going to tap? Probably not too much, right?

And you’re not going to feel so certain about it, and perhaps even a little fearful…

So, with that little Potential available for you at the time, are you going to take the required Massive Action on that matter?

Again, no.

So, with that little Potential, taking such a poor Action, what kind of Results are you going to get?

Lousy Results, most likely; and that Results in a way will come to “confirm” your Beliefs that “it’s not going to work”, so you’d probably go “see? I told you it wasn’t going to work”…

So the next time you need to start this Cycle, your Beliefs are even more negative, and there you go again, spiraling down and down.


Here’s the good news: this Cycle works the other way as well.

If you consistently feel gratitude, joy, contentment, and love, you’re directly affecting your Beliefs, moving your life into an amazing, positive state in which nothing really bothers you.
You tap purely into your Potential because, hey! You can make anything happen!

You move through your day with purpose, taking Massive Action to complete your tasks with enthusiasm, thus, creating extraordinary results –which can be either the achievement of goals or the learning experience of valuable life lessons.


This is the way you create an outstanding self-confidence.
When you’re in control of your emotions, you influence your actions directly.
When you’re fueled by a sense of well-being, and trust, you radiate calm and happiness; and those around you can feel it and will react to it accordingly.


Confidence is not something you’re born with or just happens to have, it’s something you create.

It is the feeling of certainty that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

Like any other emotion or skill, all you need is to train yourself, so you can access it and use it to your advantage at will.


Practice tapping into confidence more and more each day, and begin to believe in yourself.


Decide today that you’re going to be more confident, and positive and you’ll have no other choice but to succeed.

Stay strong!



Plug into your Decision-Making Power


We make decisions every moment, day after day. Mostly these decisions are small and inconsequential, but sometimes they are life-changing events.

Ultimately, the outcome of your days, your years, and your entire life are mostly defined by the sum of your decisions, and the following actions you take every step of the way.

There is a lot of power in making a decision, any decision; even those you take when you’re not completely sure that it’s the right one. Once you realize the overwhelming impact that making decisions can have, you will definitely start to live the best part of your life.

But that doesn’t make it any easier, right?

There’s a fun saying that goes: “the road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.”

We tend to get paralyzed at some point, like the squirrel on the road in front of a pair of headlights; and knowing upfront the impact our decisions can have doesn’t make the fear go away. What if we make the wrong one? How would that affect our lives?

You might think then “so, I’d better not take any decision at all”… but that is also a decision –and a very bad one; one that also holds the power to create quite a mess.


The inability to make a decision can leave you frozen in place when changes are necessary. It can also devastate your confidence, your happiness, and your overall emotional well-being.

Any decision is better than no decision at all.

Push past the fear and doubts, and start taking control over your life’s outcomes; make decisions quickly, take action steps immediately, and visualize the end result you’re looking for.


Commit to a decision, follow through, and you can set yourself up for success every time.

Stay strong.