Tapping into an Exciting, Purpose-driven Sense of Confidence


Have you ever had one of those days in which you practically jumped out of bed in a great mood and the entire day went down just like you wanted it?

Have you ever experienced just the opposite?


The way you feel is the direct result of your state of mind.

If you are always stressed and worried, you will live in a depressed state, feeling like you can’t get do anything right, like your whole life is going downhill; and your confidence will take a hit.

On the other hand, if you’re consistently in a state of gratitude, love, and joy, you are going to be living in an amazing, upbeat state in which nothing gets you out of your game. You will move through your day with purpose and enthusiasm, building your self-confidence as you go along.


Now, how do we reach or create these very different states?

By acknowledging your emotions.

If you let them control your feelings without you knowing why you are feeling that particular way, they will end up controlling your actions.

This can eventually become a habit that can affect you every day.

When you’re driven by a sense of well-being, you’ll radiate happiness and confidence; but when you’re obstructed by negativity, those around you will sense it and react accordingly.

So, how can you avoid it?

First, by recognizing that you are in control of how you feel, including confidence. Confidence is not something you’re born with and just have; it’s something you build over time and work. It’s the feeling of certainty that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. It’s like any other emotion, it’s a way of feeling you can train yourself into at any time.


What is your purpose?

Why is confidence important to you? Do you interact with a huge number of people? Are you a manager or a CEO and need to present a strong sense of leadership? Perhaps to make a good first impression in a relationship?

Whatever it may be, you need to know exactly why you want to achieve it. Once you know it, it’s just a matter of retraining your brain to present yourself as a confident person. Disregard the negative thoughts, uncertainty, hesitance, and second-guessing that held you back before, that would only lead you to doubt and fear. Your mind and body will begin a positive feedback loop; they will take the hint and would stand straighter, stop fidgeting, and present the best version of yourself.


What turns you on?

There’s a way to help you figure out how to build confidence even when you’re at your lowest point ever: think about something in you or those around you that you’re grateful and proud of.
Remember a recent accomplishment, something you did at work that turned out incredible, or helping a family member or a friend…

Whatever it is, it’s something you get done, no one else. That’s worth celebrating.

Recognizing this accomplishment and your ability to reproduce it will instantly raise your mood and allow you to create some incredible levels of confidence.

With this, you’re retraining your mind to think in positive terms instead of negative ones…. ‘If I did all that, what can hold me back from achieving this new goal?’

Evoking moments of pride will help you to see the big picture more clearly, and as you practice tapping into it more often, you’ll start believing in your own abilities, and will be able to access those feelings of well-being and pride any time at will.


You’re in charge of your emotions, and you can use them to shape your life in any way you choose to.



Stay strong!






The Honour and Privilege of Serving our Community


At ISU Corp, we want to share with you that it has been and will continue to be both an honour, and a privilege to have had the opportunity to serve our community and its various charitable activities for over 10 years now; it’s amazing the progress we’ve witnessed during that time.

Through the combined effort of volunteer and civic groups, and many active business leaders we’ve been able to inspire in others –and constantly in ourselves as well!– a sense of awareness and a strong commitment to making a difference; and the results we see are incredible.

We truly enjoy being part of all this transformation and growth, and we want to thank all of those who have made it possible:

Thank you with all our hearts; you are among the greatest rewards of our work.


Would you like to watch the video presentation?

Create a Roadmap for Your Happiness


“Whenever you are happy with something in your life, it is because right now, the conditions of your life match your blueprint –your belief about how life should be in that particular area.”

Tony Robbins


The world we live in today had created such a culture that we’re taught that we’re not good enough unless we do something really special and unique with our lives.

The thing is, the definition of “special” is totally distorted. We worship celebrities just for impersonating really important people such as doctors, school teachers, stay-at-home parents, law enforcement officers, firefighters, our military, etc.; but we actually disregard or just ignore these everyday heroes in real life.


In today culture, we often found ourselves pushed to do what we believe is expected from us –go to school, get a job, find the right person, get married and have children; instead of following the inner pull of our passions. All those are good things, but not mandatory or exclusive by themselves.
When we follow the push of society instead of the pull of our heart, we cannot create meaningful happiness.


Consider for a moment the beliefs you have about what your life should be about. Those limiting beliefs are actually holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Could you let go of the idea of happiness you had in your mind, and instead, appreciate and be grateful for what you already have?

Goals and dreams are important for each of us, but it’s dangerous to tie our happiness to the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ we impose onto ourselves. We can’t fit our enjoyment into a rigid mold.

We are the designers of our lives. We create our own happiness.


The equation of happiness

Think about it, whenever you’re happy with something, it is because, at that time, the conditions of your life are equal to the conditions you’ve set for happiness; that is, your beliefs about how life MUST BE in that particular area.
Conversely, when our lives don’t match our expectations, then pain comes, and we interpret that pain as a failure; and that, we’re trying to avoid at all costs because we’re afraid of suffering.

The thing is, pain can be a powerful force for good in our lives. We can take it and use it as an opportunity to grow, and come out stronger.


Let go of the past and what you believe it should be happening, and move on. Regain control of your own happiness.

Knowing that you can create your happiness by letting go of your current mental structure is the ultimate freedom and the only path to true joy.

When we let go and follow our pull of passion, we give room to happiness; we realize that life is not happening to us, it is happening FOR US. When we reach this realization, we can achieve the mindset shift that will allow us to create true happiness.



Remember, no matter what happens in life, you’re always more than that moment and more than the story you’ve created for yourself.

So, ready to throw out your expectations and create your happiness?

Stay strong!






It’s Our Gratitude What Makes Us Stronger


“By choosing thankfulness for what we have, we become stronger, not weaker.”

Gratitude isn’t a cure for negative emotions, nor is it their replacement; let’s get this clear from the start.
Honesty about our feelings must be paramount if we were to allow gratitude to emerge amid our circumstances and emotions.

Thankfulness boils down to set our mind on all the positive things that exist in our lives in any given moment instead of worrying about what we don’t have.

Instead of depending on externals to make us happy, we have to accept that lasting happiness comes from within.

Any of this means we should let our personal and professional life wither and die; on the contrary, while we strive for growth, we must practice gratitude for the abundance we already have.

This type of mindset will set us free from constantly feeling discontent or restless for more and that feeling that we never get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The more we practice this, the easier we may shift our state and mood towards the positive, eventually becoming masters of our emotional state.

Why is gratitude so important?

When we embrace mental abundance, we’re able to experience its benefits and the stillness it brings.

We know this for a fact: the state of our brain in gratitude is much like its state in love.

When we’re in that state, our brain’s neural circuitry releases large amounts of dopamine and serotonin, the James Brown neurochemical cocktail that makes us feel good, fostering optimism, camaraderie, willpower and positive emotions.

The more we practice it, the more we activate the neurocircuitry responsible for this gratitude response; the circuits then become stronger and, with time, the resulting positive feelings become more stable fixtures in our outlook.

Other benefits of gratitude include:

. Social benefits: it opens the door to more relationships while expanding our capacity for empathy

. Physical health: it leads to better self-care, sleep, and overall health

. Psychological health: practicing gratitude helps us manage negative feelings while increasing mental strength.

Take a moment today to practice gratitude, build that muscle so it becomes more reflexive, and buy yourself a moment in time where you’ll be connected with your life and all its abundance.

Stay strong!